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    Game-Changing Sports Medicine is Here

    Baptist Health Sports Medicine is heads above the competition. All 11 of our physicians are sports medicine-trained, as are our athletic trainers and physical therapists. Our 11,000-square-foot facility offers 10 exam rooms, digital X-rays, an indoor running track, climbing wall, pitching mound, turf field and more.

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    Our facility features the equipment and tools necessary for increasing flexibility, strength, speed and stability to help athletes reach their goals and get you back in the game.

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    What makes us one of the best in the game

    Baptist Health Sports Medicine is a team of sports medicine-trained physicians. That training gives them an edge when it comes to returning you to peak performance.

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Doctors at the Top of Their Game Our Team

Doctors at the Top of Their Game

Baptist’s multidisciplinary team of professionals provides total coverage across the continuum of care for sports-related injuries. The Baptist Health Sports Medicine team includes fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and primary care physicians, and all sports medicine-trained physical therapists and athletic trainers.

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Affiliated Schools, Clubs and Teams Our Team

Affiliated Schools, Clubs and Teams

From Jeffersontown to South Oldham and beyond, we’re providing the types of services that keep people on top of the winners podium. Staffing by licensed athletic trainers, injury evaluation, first aid and other specialized care, help individuals get back in the game safely and efficiently for the best possible outcomes.

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What sets us apart from the competition? We provide total coverage.

I would give Nick an “A” for his training because I worked hard throughout training, and he put sport-specific exercises in as well. On the soccer field I can definitely see a huge difference in my lower body and upper body strength. Nick gave me a sheet of workouts that I could continue to do during the season, until I get to train with Nick again in the off-season. I know his training works!
S.C. (Mockingbird 96’s soccer club)
I would give Nick an “A” for his training, because I was always working hard and could feel myself getting better each day. I gained confidence in myself as a soccer player. It was also FUN! I hope to keep training with Nick each off-season.
K.O. (Javanon 96’s soccer club)
I made significant gains in my agility, quickness, and sprint speed. I became significantly stronger, especially in my core. The exercises Nick showed me I still do till this day, because they are the best.
W.R. (Thouroughbreds 94’s soccer club)
Nick is a very good trainer who will go above and beyond for anyone in need of assistance. Over the summer before my freshman year of college, he put together a weightlifting and running workout to prepare me for the transition and we worked together five days a week. I got a lot stronger and was one of the most in-shape people on my new team at the start of the season. He knows what he is doing and as long as you keep showing up, he will be there to help you.
A.B. (Bellarmine University women’s soccer)
Nick was the BEST choice to be my strength coach. I am faster, more agile, and better conditioned than I ever was before. My first-step quickness and hand-eye coordination also improved significantly. Three months later and the results are still showing.
A.J.C. (baseball)